Alex Mekking


Alex has been with Panteia since 2007, since 2017 his current role is that of a Project manager. With a background in corporate IT, Alex is typically the one at Panteia who manages more technical projects with an online component. Alex makes sure existing projects run smoothly, and for new projects Alex will be the main contact for customers both during the development process and afterwards. He makes sure the expectations of the customer is met and their wishes are everything is finished on spec and on time.

In 2015 Alex was made responsible for the big Blik op Werk project at Panteia. For this project, Panteia carries out the client- and customer satisfaction studies for hundreds of companies working in re-integration or “inburgeren”. The findings of these studies are used by Blik op Werk to help determine if this companies qualify for their important Blik op Werk certificate. For this project, a full time helpdesk was formed, manned by 4 people. This helpdesk is under de direction of Alex.

In 2017 it was decided that Alex should also be named as the Data Protection Officers. Alex was registered and recognized as such by the Dutch Data protection Authority. In this role, Alex helped prepare Panteia for the European GDPR.


  • Economics (Erasmus University)
  • Corporate IT (HES)
  • Practical Project Management (HHS (post-grad))
  • Several trainings, including SPSS, PE, ColdFusion, dealing with stress on the job.