Amber van der Graaf


Amber van der Graaf (1988) works at Panteia as a researcher. Since starting at Panteia, she has been working exclusively on internationally orientated studies and projects. She has an interdisciplinary academic background, combining the areas of politics, media, international relations and culture. Within her work at Panteia, Amber’s area of work is relatively diverse due to the broad nature of the organisation’s international activities. Projects have included studies on job creation in the home care sector, to studying quality in early childhood education and care, to how the EU communicates to its citizens, to improving market surveillance in e-commerce. Besides these social policy and communication related studies, Amber works on entrepreneurship areas as well, notably on how to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst socially vulnerable groups.  Due to her experience across these areas, Amber is adept at qualitative research methods and report writing. Her international upbringing also means she is an adept communicator, used to working with networks of experts across the EU and bearing in mind the national and cultural nuances of international studies.