Anne Drijvers

Junior researcher
079-322 22 99

Anne Drijvers had joined the social issues team at Panteia as a researcher in 2019. She is mainly involved in research projects in the field of work, participation and social security but also regularly is involved in projects on the subject of occupational safety and health.

Firstly, Anne is a qualitative researcher who is a good listener and has strong analytical skills. Through her various work experiences within governmental organisations and as a researcher on social issues, Anne has acquired extensive knowledge of laws and regulations, policy and implementation in the area of work, participation and social security. Recently, Anne worked on several studies focusing on the reintegration of people with disabilities, research on work-related care for self-employed people and international comparative research on the organizational infrastructure of social security.

Before Anne started as a researcher at Panteia, , she worked at the municipality of Leiden where she conducted research into social policy. In 2015 Anne completed a cum laude research master Middle East Studies and a master International Relations at Leiden University.