Chris Wensink

Consultant Transport & Mobility

Specializing in managing complex advisory projects with governance as well as technical aspects in the European and international (rail) transport sector. My experience includes sector wide transport policy development and evaluation, corridor and institutional analysis, institutional strengthening, stakeholder alignment, platform development, technical evaluation at government, industry and company level. Examples are:


  • Coordinator "Road2Holland" / Partners in International Business Rail Freight Netherlands – China (2019 – ongoing; Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)

    Program manager of the public-private trade facilitating program aimed at increasing rail freight transport between China and the Netherlands.

  • Cross-cutting activities SHIFT2RAIL: comprehensive KPI framework (2017 – ongoing; SHIFT2RAIL JU)

    Panteia is responsible for developing a commonly shared KPI framework for strengthening the European rail transport sector, involving extensive program management and stakeholder consultation. The KPI framework is processed into a high-level KPI IT Dashboard.

  • Monitoring progress on the Rotterdam Ministerial Declaration on boosting international rail freight / Evaluation & Policy Analysis of the Rotterdam Ministerial Declaration on international rail freight (2018; Dutch EU Council presidency; Austrian EU Council presidency)

    Panteia organized and managed both stakeholder processes that led to the sector-wide shared end reports “Monitoring Progress on the Rotterdam Ministerial Declaration on boosting international rail freight transport” (Dutch EU Council presidency) and “Evaluation and Policy Analysis of the Rotterdam Ministerial Declaration on boosting international rail freight” (Austrian EU Council presidency). These processes included all relevant parties in the European rail freight sector.

  • Study New Silk Road / rail freight transport NL - China (2017 – 2018; Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)

    The study explored the current and future market situation for intercontinental rail freight to and from the Netherlands, operational and institutional conditions of the rail corridor and potential effects of intercontinental rail on the Dutch transport economy. Also, geostrategic analysis was developed. Based on that a concrete policy perspective for the Dutch ministry was provided. Research was based on economic (data) analysis and stakeholder interviewing in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

  • Smart-Rail - smart supply chain oriented rail freight services (2016 – 2018; Horizon2020 / SHIFT2RAIL JU)

    Smart-Rail aimed to introduce a wide set of innovative measures aiming to improve the freight rail services offered to the shippers, focusing on five key topics: reliability, lead time, costs, flexibility and visibility. Panteia successfully lead the development of a control tower for long-distance rail freight transport.

  • Study on improving the efficiency of transport in urban nodes of the TEN-T core network (2016 – 2017; European Commission)

    Exploratory study into better connection the TEN-T core network to urban areas in the EU, based on data analysis and stakeholder engagement.

  • Sustainable Freight Turkmenistan - strategy for international freight corridor potential Turkmenistan (2016; Government of Turkmenistan)

    Strategic analysis of international (rail) corridor potential for Turkmenistan based on data analysis and stakeholder research.

Holding a master’s degree in European Governance (Leiden University), I have been involved in the office for European Affairs at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, addressing themes such as TEN-T policy, EU seaport services legislation, and the PoR’s Port Strategy. Also, I have extensive experience in stakeholder based policy and project evaluation at local, national and international level.