Eline Jonkers



Eline Jonkers is a senior consultant and researcher in the department of Transport & Mobility at Panteia since 2018. She graduated as a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology and worked at TNO for more than 11 years, before starting at Panteia.

Eline has extensive experience with national and international projects on Smart Mobility. Her focus is on projects in the fields of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), traffic management, transport policy and Monitoring & Evaluation. Central in the majority of her projects are innovative mobility solutions. Eline enjoys making traffic and transport data insightful and determining the effects (on throughput, safety and environment) of mobility measures. In various projects she was responsible for the set-up and performance of Monitoring and Evaluation: from defining research questions to (objective and subjective) data collection and analysis and scaling up the effects to national or even European level.

At TNO Eline has worked on the set-up of the Monitoring and Evaluation for Talking Traffic (a large innovation partnership where intelligent traffic lights and new traffic information apps for car drivers are developed, implemented and tested) and the Dutch MaaS pilots. She also worked in the European projects C-the Difference, DRIVE C2X and ecoDriver. In these projects research and testing was done on ADAS and cooperative systems, and Eline was involved in evaluation and scaling up.

Examples of projects that Eline works on (or worked on) at Panteia are:

  • Calculation of monetary loss for all road transport, and for freight transport separately, caused by traffic jams in the Netherlands on the main road network. This research is done every year at Panteia since 2018.
  • Quantifying current CO2 emissions caused by passenger/person transport in the province of Flevoland, estimation of the CO2 emissions in the future, and estimation of effects caused by various measures.
  • ‘Monitor Vracht 2019’: Organising and analysing a survey amongst truck drivers and logistics companies to investigate the possession, use, behavioural changes and effects of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and road/traffic-related information services.
  • Research on the accessibility of (public) services for inhabitants of the province of South-Holland for different target groups, to gain insight into transport related social exclusion in South-Holland. This was done for the current situation and for different future scenarios.

Besides knowledge in the field of traffic and transport, Eline has a lot of organizational experience (meetings, events, seminars, interviews) and has given presentations about her work for clients and at various conferences and workshops.