Jan de Kok



Jan de Kok (1968) studied economics and econometrics at Tilburg University. In 2003 he obtained his PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam, based on quantitative research on HRM in small and medium-sized enterprises. After his studies he joined EIM, which became part of Panteia. After a short intermezzo as a lecturer research methodology at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, he rejoined Panteia as senior researcher in 2016.

Jan has a lot of experience with quantitative empirical research and evaluation studies, applying advanced econometrical methods to obtain and analyse microdata. This includes enterprise data as well as data from individuals. His experience covers all phases of empirical research, including developing surveys, stratification of survey plans, analysing and merging large datasets, and obtaining descriptives and explanatory statistics. Over the years, Jan has become an authority on SPSS and research methodology, collaborating on the development of an internal course on quantitative research methods and teaching research courses at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The research projects Jan has worked on cover various policy areas. Most of his projects are related to entrepreneurship, SMEs and labour, but he also gained knowledge on issues related to education, administrative burden and healthcare.

Jan has worked for various national and international clients, including several Dutch ministries, branche organisations, the European Commission, ILO (International Labour Organization) and Dubai Chambers of Commerce. In addition, Jan has conducted numerous studies for the Research Programme on SMEs and Entrepreneurship.

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