Laura de Haan


At Panteia, Laura de Haan is involved in a variety of studies for international clients, particularly in the field of social and economic research. She is experienced in carrying out international research projects, including desk research, report writing, expert interviews, cross national comparative analysis, impact assessments and evaluations. Some examples of recent projects:

  • European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual, commissioned by DG Education and Culture, European Commission.
  • Framework contract to carry out studies supporting European cooperation in education and youth for the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture.
  • Representativeness study Extractive Industries sector, commissioned by Eurofound (2015)
  • Study to assess the Economic Effects of article 10 of the Drinking Water Directive. Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (2015)
  • Briefing paper on the monitoring mechanisms of the integrated European Research Area (ERA). Commissioned by the European Parliament (2015).
  • Support to the impact assessment European Social Statistics. Contribution to the interim report of the impact assessment, composed in close cooperation with our partner and the client.  Commissioned by Eurostat (2015).

Laura holds a bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science and master degrees in Public Administration and International Development Studies. Before joining Panteia, Laura worked in public administration. As a policy advisor, she was part of the departments of renewable energy and transport at the province of North-Holland.