Silvia Rossetti

Medior researcher/advisor
31 (0)79 322 24 61

Silvia Rossetti focuses on social science research that has a concrete impact on the Dutch and international debate. Since the end of 2019, she has been working at Panteia as a researcher in the field of labour, participation, and social security, in which she has a broad interdisciplinary expertise. She is currently involved as a researcher in two projects commissioned by the Instituut Gak about the income security and the occupational health and safety of solo self-employed workers.


Between 2017 and 2019, Silvia worked as a postdoc researcher on the interdisciplinary project “Future of Work” within the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University. Her postdoctoral research focused on complex social issues related to the quality of work and the income security of flexible workers (especially solo self-employed workers and on-call workers) and about the participation of vulnerable groups. In 2015, Silvia obtained her PhD from the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) in a comparative study about extending working life in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.


Thanks to her strong quantitative research skills, Silvia is able to analyze complex issues using advanced methods and large-scale databases including European surveys (such as EWCS and SHARE). As part of the project on the income security of solo self-employed workers, she has analyzed longitudinal CBS microdata. In the context of the project on occupational health and safety, she has performed factor analysis, cluster analysis, logistic regression analysis. In addition, Silvia has experience with multi-level modeling and Event History Analysis, which she applied in her postdoc research and her PhD research.


Over the years, Silvia has developed strong communication skills by presenting her research results in lectures and presentations at conferences as well as in scientific and policy-relevant publications.