Suzanne Jansen

Senior HRM Advisor

Suzanne Jansen started working as HRM Advisor at Panteia in 2019. Before that she worked for a relatively small ICT-provider for 10 year, but was in the mood for a new challenge. Preferably with the whole package of HR-subjects, but for a bigger organization. She found Panteia!. After her degree in marketing and some detours at different companies in jobs like Product Manager, Branch Manager and Recruiter she decided to focus on one of the P’s of the marketing mix, namely the P for Personnel. That was more than 20 years ago. Knowledge of marketing and sales come in handy, because for Suzanne HR means as much as “internal marketing”. With her experience she always tries to find the right balance between employer and employee. What good is for the person is also good for the company and vice versa. This is absolutely a challenge in this ever changing society, but she is willing to take that on.