Tom Grijspaardt

Junior researcher

Tom Grijspaardt has been active as researcher and consultant at Panteia since 2018. He is involved in a broad range of studies and research projects for governmental agencies (provinces, ministries, European Commission), the business community (trade associations and companies) and the common ground in-between. During these projects, Tom’s main tasks include collecting integrating information, providing insight into (future) developments as well as their impacts and drafting vison documents. Tom’s areas of expertise are road freight transport, technological development, enivoronmental impact and EU transport policy.


Tom was trained as a historian at Utrecht University. Thanks to his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in (Ancient) History, Tom has an extensive general knowledge, a broad view and a strong basis in cricital analysis. His other strenghts include finding and analysing (academic) literature as well as writing and editing comprehensive and comprehensible texts.