Ton Kwaak


Ton Kwaak (1955) studied economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, specialising in mathematical methods of economic analysis. Currently, he works as Senior Systems Consultant at Panteia. His main fields of professional activity include the construction and use of harmonised databases and information systems on economic issues, including large-scaled surveys. Examples of the former are the construction of information systems containing data on the size and structure of the Dutch enterprise sector, and on the size and structure of the enterprise sector in the EU and EU partner countries. Examples of the latter are:

Ton has also managed the construction of a Consumer Price Index for the Dubai economy.  Next to that, he has been involved in the construction and use of econometric models, ranging from macro-econometric national models (including regional, enterprise size and industry detail) to international models. An example is the PRISMA econometric model, used to analyse Dutch medium-term economic development by industry and size-class of enterprise. Other examples include macro-sectoral models for South Africa, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates.

Ton’s role in projects is expert and/or project leader. Ton Kwaak is member of The Royal Netherlands Economic Association and the Erasmus Alumni Society.