Wouter van der Geest



Wouter works at Panteia B.V. as medior advisor in the area of goods transport. Wouter has extensive knowledge of inland water transport, the inland waterways network and inland ports. One of Wouter’s first tasks at Panteia was a study on the berth capacity in the Netherlands and how to increase the capacity through an information/reservation system for shipping berths. The next study Wouter carried out was on the origin and foundation of port charges; he had intensive contact with the Dutch Association for Inland Ports (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Binnenhavens).


He has been involved in various topics in the field of inland shipping. Wouter is an export in the field of transport models and cost structures of all transport modes. Two years ago he developed the medium- long-term predictions for inland shipping – he has revised it since – and was involved in the NMCA 2017 for the Capacity Analysis of Locks, assisted by SIVAK. In the same field, he was involved in developing a model for the fleet composition in inland shipping. Ground-breaking work carried out by Wouter was the creation of a multimodal terminal model, which can estimate the market potential of inland terminals and identify white spots in the network.


Wouter is also experienced throughout the Netherlands: he has been, and still is involved in advising the Provinces of North-Holland, South-Holland, Friesland, Gelderland and Overijssel with regard to their policies in the area of (waterborne) goods transport. He also advised the municipal port partnership Port of Zwolle and Frisian Ports regarding their positioning and policy.