The scope of the project is the enabling of knowledge and understanding of freight distribution and service trips by providing guidance for implementing effective and sustainable policies and measures.

This guidance will support the choice of the most optimal and applicable solutions for urban freight and service transport, and will facilitate stakeholder collaboration and the development, field testing and transfer of best governance and business models. NOVELOG will innovate by progressing beyond the state-of-art in urban freight and city logistics within a triple helix of

(1) evaluation framework development, data collection, and empirical analyses,

(2) specific demonstrators and case studies and

(3) guidelines for Europe-wide take-up of the best policies and solutions.

Playing a key role in this, is the development of business models that support each city to implement their solutions. While the primary goal is encourage a critical analysis of the financial feasibility of the solutions, an equally vital goal is to foster consensus among partners and stakeholders of the initiative. Consensus is an essential ingredient in facilitating cooperation between public authorities and private businesses, and also among private businesses themselves.

While we have been actively engaged in the whole project, our key contribution is in consulting the stakeholders of the NOVELOG cities to develop their business models.

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