Transport modelling and databases

published: 17-10-2018

Transport models provide a way of understanding and quantifying the complex interactions between the economy, transport infrastructure and transport policy. As such, they can be a valuable tool for forecasting and scenario development, investment appraisal, impact assessment, and cost-benefit analy


Panteia  has been heavily involved in the development of national and European transport models, especially for freight transport.  An example is the NEAC model, a European freight model which has been developed in-house.  NEAC is a fully multimodal network model, offering pan-European scope, and NUTS3 level detail.  It has been used on a wide variety of studies, including national transport master-plans, TEN-T corridor studies, and analyses of port competition.  Besides Panteia is involved in developing national and regional transport models in various countries over the world.

One of Panteia’s assets is the ETIS-Base, transport database that contains transport OD (origin destination) databases  for the EU and all countries in the World, in relation with the EU, on a detailed level. This level of detail contains different commodities (NSTR), intermodality indicator, transhipment, all modes of transport, detailed regions (NUTS3) and motive of journey (for passenger). Besides, also socio economic data and transport networks for all modes are included in ETIS-Base.

Regularly forecasts are provided by Panteia for its clients, we collect up to date information on daily basis to monitor also the basis for the longer term developments. We have automated the passing of vehicles at sensor lines (>15000 lines) on the Dutch road network. In a similar way we collect on a daily basis inland waterway, maritime and railway movements. On the basis of the collected material we provide quarterly forecasts for the IRU and the Dutch Ministry of Transport but also daily transport index for the Dutch freight transport sector. Forecasting on medium and long term is important, but given the volatility of the economy, a daily “nowcasting” becomes more important.


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