Inland waterway transport consultancy

published: 17-10-2018

Inland shipping is a highly sustainable mode of transport. Inland navigation vessels are energy efficient and transport by this mode is safe, secure and cost effective.

Furthermore, waterways still offer free capacity to accommodate a substantial growth of freight flows. At a time of budget cuts, road congestion, environmental concerns and energy cost increases there are clear triggers to investigate, promote and benefit from the potential for waterways transport. Furthermore, Panteia has the knowledge and expertise to support you with research based consultancy services in this field.

Focus Panteia provides consultancy services to clients on matters of transport economics and transport policy. Within the inland waterways sector, a recent example would be the work carried out by Panteia for the Market Observation System and several studies on the size, impact and possible measures to address the financial economic crisis in inland waterway transport. During these studies Panteia investigated the financial and economic prospects for the sector, as well developments in transport costs and freight rates. Panteia also conducts feasibility studies, including amongst others, waterway and inland port infrastructure and logistics, looking at the possible potential for new terminals or intermodal barge services.

Consultancy Panteia is regularly approached by companies and by policymakers to provide support in decision making on various aspects of inland waterway transport. Inland waterway transport operators and shippers are supported, for example, on the development and implementation of strategies to reduce costs and on the integration of inland waterway transport into multimodal supply chains. Policymakers on the other hand, request advice related to planning issues, such as the optimal location of ports and container terminals in the waterway network, as well as required actions to further develop sustainable transport by inland navigation (comodality).

Experience Panteia is an independent organisation with considerable expertise in the field of transport, offering guaranteed, professional advice and high-quality research. Moreover, Panteia has been actively researching and providing advice to businesses and policymakers in the waterways sector since 1946. Panteia is active for clients in many European countries, focusing particularly upon the Netherlands and the European Commission. However, Panteia is also active abroad in countries such as China, India and Brazil.


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