published: 19-11-2021

Urban (and regional) vehicle access regulations (UVAR), such as low emission zones (LEZ) and limited traffic zones (LTZ), are critical in sustainable urban mobility and freight policy. Panteia together with partners Armis, AustriaTech, CORTE, MAPtm, TRT and  Sadler Consultants, will address several challenges related to their implementation, especially in the context of information provision and enforcement of foreign vehicles or drivers in the UVARExchange project.

Communication to drivers will be improved by addressing the need for EU-wide harmonised physical signs and variable message signs for selected UVARs, as well as by demonstrating the provision of information to the vehicle via Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) messages. Further, the project will address the cross-border sharing of vehicle and driver information, which will on one hand, allow the automatic compliance check of foreign vehicles and drivers, reducing the need for pre-registration (and related fines). On the other hand, with access to driver information, cities will be able to effectively enforce traffic fines on non-compliant vehicles.

The project is a European Parliament Preparatory Action, funded by the European Parliament and contracted by DG MOVE. The outcome of the project, which involves both desk research and four demonstrators in multiple EU cities, will feed into legislation and support cities in their initiatives to implement UVARs in their mobility planning.

This page will be used to collect all the key links to events and documents related to the project.

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First workshop: Cities and Stakeholder Workshop, 13 December 2021


Our inaugural workshop will explore the challenges of information provision and enforcement of UVARs in EU cities, as well as potential solutions to address them moving forward. Some of which will be taken up in UVARExchange demonstrators.

When   : 9:00 to 13:00 (CET), 13 December 2021

Where  : Online (Register online here.)

This is an opportunity for cities to get involved by discussing practical challenges currently faced, and providing preliminary feedback on several solutions to the issues. We will explore 3 key topics and request that the most suitable city representatives/experts are present.

  • Physical road signage: What are the key aspects to consider in harmonisation of signs? How could the design of signs for the UVARs, such as the LEZ, LTZ, Pedestrian Zone, Residential/Pedestrian Priority Area, Charging Scheme, look like?
  • C-ITS messages to vehicles: What potential does C-ITS technology provide the communication of UVARs to vehicles – now and in the future? What are necessary research steps to advance this?
  • Cross-border data sharing of vehicle and holder information: What are the legal, administrative and technical barriers to sharing this data with cities? What are the critical steps forward to remove barriers?

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Survey on enforcement of UVARs against Foreign Vehicles

UVARExchange is gathering information about how cities are currently ensuring UVAR compliance of foreign vehicles and how they are able to effective enforce them. In the former, this primarily involves getting information about the vehicle, for instance whether it meets the emissions standard requirement of the LEZ. In the latter, it is about ensuring that enforcement agencies can obtain information about the vehicle driver, owner or holder, when an UVAR infringement occurs.

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The responses will be used to develop solutions to the issues and revise legislation to enable the use of the solutions.


UVARExchange participates in the CIVITAS Forum 2021

An UVAR-dedicated session was organised, where four projects were presented and discussed.  ReVeAL  Dynaxibility4CE project UVARBox and UVARExchange were present in the session. Lucy Sadler representing UVARExchange presented the project.

The presentations of the session can be viewed here.


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