Society & Economy

Economic growth and social developments go hand in hand. The future is characterised by achieving broad prosperity. We strive for a society in which the business community thrives in a sustainable manner, with a properly functioning labour market, in which everyone can participate and has economic security, and in which the health of people and employees is proactively and preventively ensured.


The route to broad prosperity has many tracks. The Sustainable Development Goals are important points of departure: seventeen development goals to make the world a better place by 2030. Goals such as striving for equality, for fair work and economic growth, good health and eradicating and preventing poverty. There are many issues related to this, both nationally and internationally. 


Panteia is a partner for international, national and decentralised government bodies, non-profit organisations, professional organisations and companies that want to get to grips with these developments. By means of innovative research and advice, Panteia searches together with clients for insights that lead to impact in order to work together for broad prosperity and a better world in 2030 and beyond.