Transport & Mobility

Efficient transport and logistics services are essential for the physical distribution of people and goods and indispensable for the competitiveness of a country or region. Optimal mobility gives people the opportunity to develop and relax, to live, work and shop in different locations.

Although mobility has many advantages, it also has a downside because it also leads to harmful emissions, noise pollution, traffic accidents and delays - all factors that affect the economy and our well-being. Intelligent and optimal use of transport systems is essential to counteract these adverse effects.

Panteia is a partner for international, national and decentralised government bodies, professional organisations and companies that want to get to grips with the effects of mobility. By means of innovative research, advice and guidance, Panteia searches together with clients for solutions in the form of sustainable mobility, intermodal transport concepts, intelligent transport systems, improvements in the infrastructure and more intensive cooperation throughout the mobility chain, with a focus on innovation. After all, efficient, green, intelligent and inclusive mobility is vital to the economic competitiveness and social cohesion and accessibility of the Netherlands, Europe and other countries of the world.