published: 13-07-2020

Since the end of June 2020, MuConsult and Panteia have joined forces. Through extensive cooperation, Panteia and MuConsult want to make better use of the knowledge and expertise around the themes of mobility and transport.

For clients, the issues surrounding the transport of goods and passenger mobility are increasingly interlinked. The shifting policy focus towards sustainable growth means that mobility is a bearer of many current social issues. This requires integrated strategic policy advice and more data-driven research. This cooperation ensures the optimal use of each other's expertise and the creation of new connections between domains such as influencing behaviour, the labour market, sustainability and mobility.

MuConsult was founded in 1990 by Henk Meurs and has a great deal of expertise in strategic policy research and advice on the entire spectrum of personal mobility and in all phases of the policy cycle. MuConsult's advisors are closely involved in integrated short and long-term mobility programmes in many regions. Clients are the central government, decentral governments and public knowledge institutions such as KiM. The agency operates from Amersfoort with about 25 employees. MuConsult's management team also consists of Jan-Derk van 't Rot, Casper Stelling, Edward Rosbergen. More information about MuConsult can be found on their website:

Both MuConsult and Panteia are active in the market under their own names. Managing director Jan-Willem Siebers of Panteia manages both companies. Founder Henk Meurs of MuConsult remains closely involved and active as founding partner for clients of both companies.


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