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A leading and data-driven research and consulting firm that helps clients realize broad prosperity. With an ambitious and diverse team of researchers, consultants and data experts, we deliver unique and applicable insights for solving the social issues of tomorrow. Strong in content, reliable and always independent. Thanks to our experience with governments, non-profit organizations, industries, companies and IFIs, we are able to make smart connections between policy and practice. And as a strong player in the Netherlands, the European Union and Internationally, we bridge the gap between local, regional, national, European and International policy. We are inspired experts with a strong partner network. This way we always provide the right expertise and with our innovative approach we make the difference for our clients.



Panteia is a leading data-driven research and consulting organisation that helps clients achieve broad welfare.
Our combination of issue-based research and data expertise delivers unique and relevant insights aimed at solving tomorrow's social issues.
Thanks to our experience with so many agencies, non-profit organisations, sectors and companies we are able to make smart connections between public policy and practice.

We are experts with a strong partner network, which means we can always add precisely the right amount of expertise and value for our clients.

As a major player in both the Netherlands and Europe as a whole, we bridge the gap between local, regional, national, European and International policy.


Transport & Mobility
Our sincerest condolences to the people of Türkiye and Syria
Society & Economy
Panteia provides input for advice on strengthening knowledge about Dutch colonial history
Transport & Mobility
A preliminary assessment of the challenges of the Green Transition in national Recovery and Resilience Plans, focusing on sustainable transport.

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